Job-site Technology

Job-site Technology

Internet Connectivity

We ensure that your job site is connected from day one. We provide you with a cellular data hotspot in the event the site goes live before Internet installation takes place. We then oversee the hardwired Internet installation, including evaluating ISP options, scheduling installation, working with the riser company and installing the router and wireless devices. All equipment is tested at the time of installation and replaced if necessary.

Phone Service

We provide state of the art VOIP equipment including handsets and conference phones. Phones are delivered already provisioned, ready to plug in and make and receive calls immediately. All equipment is tested upon delivery, and replacements obtained if necessary.

Site Monitoring and VPN


When you select services from the options we offer, we provide you with a predictable fixed monthly price that includes the use of the hardware, Internet, phone and/or monitoring services where applicable. This price also includes all site visits for the installation and setup of your services, as well as any necessary subsequent follow-up service visits.